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(800)869-4631 / (305)292-1919 

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How To Contact the Marquesa Hotel

The Marquesa Hotel is at located 600 Fleming, on the corner of  Simonton and Fleming Street. Marquesa 414 is located at 414 Simonton Street. There is temporary parking in front of the Marquesa Hotel when you check in. We have guest 3 different parking locations, depending on where your room is located. We look forward to having you as our guest.

Check In Address: 600 Fleming St. Key West, FL 33040

Property Address:  600 Fleming St. Key West, FL 33040 OR 414 Simonton St. Key West, FL 33040

Our New Expansion Address:  414 Simonton St. Key West, FL 33040 

Reservations: 1-800-869-4631 or (305) 292-1919


600 Fleming Street, Key West Florida, 33040  |  (800)869-4631  .  (305)292-1919   |

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